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Crimewatch Talks About Online Dating Scams

This video by Crimewatch is an in-depth look at online dating scams and exactly how they work. They start by providing some facts about scams then reenact a story of a person who was scammed. It’s a really well done piece that everyone who does online dating should watch. It’s important to be aware how online dating scams work and the lengths a scammer will go to in order to eventually get money from you. Scammers don’t usually ask for money right off the bat. They first woo you and get you to fall in love with the fake persona they set up. They’ll even have phone conversations to help build the relationship.

Crimewatch: Online Dating Scams

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Posted by Joe Tracy - February 6, 2011 at 12:20 pm

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Julie Spira Talks About Online Dating Safety

The following video is from a FOX San Diego new report on being safe when navigating online dating services. They talk with Julie Spira who is an online dating expert. Some of the red flags she says to look out for are getting asked out on weekdays and having phone calls go to voice mail. If you think the person is married, they probably are.

Questions NOT to ask when responding to someone:
– How many times have you been married?
– When did you get divorced?
– When did your last relationship end?

– Google your date. But don’t tell them you’re doing it.
– After a few dates, do a background check on them.
– Meet in a public place.

Here is a link to her book.

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Posted by Joe Tracy - February 5, 2011 at 12:07 pm

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The Young Turks Discuss Online Dating Background Checks

Some online dating services do background checks on members, but most don’t. It’s important to keep in mind that just because a site says they do background checks, it’s not an indication for you to let your guard down. Simply put, states have varying laws regarding background checks and what information others can get about someone.

In general, if you are starting to get serious with someone, it’s not a bad idea to run your own background check on them. There are many services for that.

The video below is a discussion by The Young Turks about online dating background checks. They go back and forth on the subject. What’s your feeling about background checks? Use the Comments section below to respond…

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Posted by Joe Tracy - February 4, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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Woman Scammed From Fake Profile

When a woman on saw a picture of a nice looking gentleman, she was instantly attracted to him. He was from the “United States” and seemed to have a good personality. She emailed him and chatted with him daily online. They started to bond… or so she thought. Through weeks of communications with him there were no red flags. Then, as part of his business, he had to take a trip to Nigeria. And that’s when an emergency happened and he needed money. But in an elaborate twist, he sent her money orders he was “having trouble cashing” in Nigeria and asked her to deposit them in her account then wire him the money. It took days for the bank to figure out they were fake and by then, the money had already been sent.

Below is the Fox News story on this online dating scam.

It’s important to note that online dating services don’t know what profiles are real and which ones are fake. But when the big reputable services like,, etc. discover a bad profile, they take action to remove it. If you know a profile is fake, report it to them.

Online Dating Safety Tip: Scammers rarely say they are from Nigeria. They start off making you believe they are from another country (even your country). But eventually they make up a story about having to travel to Nigeria to take the scam to the next level.

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Posted by Joe Tracy - January 31, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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Online Dating Scam Nets 9,000 Pounds From One UK Woman

The video below is from BBC Watchdog. The quality of the video and audio isn’t that great, but the story is an important one to listen to. The video features the story of Melanie and how she fell for an online dating scam (also known as online romance scams). Melanie met who she thought was a guy from the United States. He was planning on moving to the UK where Melanie was living. After communicating via an online dating service, email, and phone, Melanie started to fall in love with the guy. He told her was taking a trip to Nigeria to visit his son in boarding school there. That’s when the real scam began and a short time later, Melanie would be out 9,000 pounds. What’s worse is that when she contacted who she thought were authorities, she found out they were scam artists too.

It’s an enlightening video and also shows the length scam artists will go through (i.e. phone conversations) to get your money…

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Posted by Joe Tracy -  at 9:30 pm

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