Online Dating Scams Make Millions of Dollars

Online dating scams are making scammers millionaires as they use online dating services to present false personas then get people to fall in love with those personas before asking for money. A lot have people have fallen for these scams. The video below talks about one such story of a woman who thought she was communicating with a soldier from Iraq. But it really was someone after her money.

On a side note, I’ve started reading “Alone Together” that talks about how technology makes us less human and how we are forming bonds with computers and computer personas versus real people. It’s an interesting book, although I’m far from done reading it.

I mention the book because we see this happening with these online dating scams. People think they are falling in love with a person they haven’t met, when in reality that person doesn’t exist. Until you meet a person in real life, you really don’t know if their profile is true or not.

Online Dating Safety Tip: If you’ve only known a person via the computer and they one day ask you for money – there’s a 99.9% chance it’s a scam.