Romance Scams Video

(February 2, 2012) To launch the second annual “Online Dating Safety Awareness Month” (every February), Online Dating Magazine has released a video giving a quick overview of romance scams. Did you know that romance scams generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue a year for scammers? That makes it one of the most profitable scam ventures in the world. And who are the victims? Those who participate in online dating and buy into the clever lies and web of deceit spun by the scammers to get you to fall in love with them.

How far will romance scammers go to profit from you? They’ll convince you they are “real” by having phone conversations with you in addition to your online communications. After the video, we’ve posted some things to be aware of to avoid romance scams.

Romance Scams Video


Tips to Avoid Romance Scams

– Don’t communicate with someone who says they are in the military/army/navy and currently stationed overseas.

– Don’t communicate with someone who says they travel a lot.

– Don’t continue communication with someone who makes excuses for not meeting you in person.

– Be leery of someone who tries to move the relationship with you forward via the computer.

– You may think that an overseas scammer wouldn’t pursue the scam on the phone, but that’s not the case. The scams have advanced to the level of phone conversations to help get you to fall in love with them.

– Romance scammers don’t ask for money right away. They wait until they know you have fallen in love with them then they create a dramatic, yet believable “emergency” requiring them to ask you for money (or something like a “new laptop”). Because love is blind, the scams are extremely successful.

– Scammers lie about everything. Their photos are fake, their profile is fake, their job is a lie, etc. If you allow yourself to start developing feelings for a “persona” you are communicating with, then that is a major red flag that you are susceptible to the scam.