About Online Dating Safety Awareness

The Online Dating Safety Awareness site was launched in January 2011 to raise awareness of online dating safety and how to avoid online dating scams. The site was launched by Online Dating Magazine as part of its Online Dating Safety Awareness Month campaign.

As society builds relationships via computer, it becomes easier to be fooled by fake profiles and personas. Our goal is to make you aware of scams, stories of scams, and to provide you with tips so that you don’t become a victim to an online dating scam.

Online dating is a very fun and rewarding experience that also carries the benefit of potentially finding a lifelong partner or soulmate. For the most part it is a safe experience. Our goal isn’t to scare you away from finding love online, but rather to help you do it safely so that the benefit is all the more rewarding.

This site is run by Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine. If you have some online dating safety information to share you can contact him via jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com