Online Dating Scams – BBB

The following video, from the CTnow TV’s Morning Show (out of Connecticut) is a news piece on the subject of online dating scams, that aired on Valentine’s Day 2011. The news segment includes an insightful interview with Howard Schwartz who is the Executive Director of Communications for the Connecticut Better Business Bureau. He provides some insightful tips on avoiding online dating scams, reminding you that the reason there are so many victims is because the perpetrators work hard via computer and phone to get you to love them, then to trust them, allowing them to be more successful with scams. Below the video are some tips from the Connecticut BBB.

If you’re participating in online dating and a person you’re communicating with fits some or all of the following then you are likely being targeted by a scammer:

  • Acts charming, understanding, flattering, sensitive and caring
  • Tries to move the online relationship forward quickly by talking about love.
  • Communicates only via email, cell phone, and instant messaging.
  • Always has an excuse for not being able to meet you face-to-face.
  • Often overseas for work or other reasons
  • Has a sudden emergency, some which involve a made-up “young child”.
  • Has an excuse for being unable to get their money, thus “needing your help”.
  • Asks for more money (for the same or different reason) once you give an initial payment.
  • If you have no money, they find a “client” who can send you money orders, with instructions to wire the money to them. (The checks are counterfeit, but you will likely find that out too late.)